Our new competition is now running.

The prize is a voucher code worth £25, which can be used against any LittlePants own brand products. The competition will run until there are 100 entries, so tell your friends about it. That way the entries come in faster and the competition will end sooner.

The winner will be the person with the highest score. If there is a tie, numbers will be allocated to those with the highest score, and a draw will be taken. This will be recorded and published on my Facebook page

The Aim is to write a slogan, recommendation, phrase, sentence, resumé or similar which sums up LittlePants aims. However you may only use certain words.

Here's how to take part

Below is a list of links to pages in LittlePants shop and a phrase you will find on that page. Find the phrase, and you can use the words on either side of that phrase in your entry. Each link will give you 2 words which you may use in your entry. There are 20 words in total, but you don't have to find them all - use as many or as few as you like. You must also incorporate the word 'LittlePants', which will not score a point but must be included. You may also add up to 10 of your own words, and additionally any numbers you like, although these words and numbers will not count towards your score. Please mark any of your own words and numbers with a *---* each side of the word. 

When your entry is read it will be given a score - 1 point for each of the acceptable words you use. You may use any of the words more than once, but each word used will only score 1 point, however many times you use it. You may also get a bonus point or points if your entry is particularly apt/humorous etc. (to be judged by LittlePants)  

Here is the list of links and the words to find on that page. Remember you need the word before and after the phrase. I suggest you make a list of all the words before you start to compose your entry

  • About LittlePants - find the words before and after 'bespoke postal nappy library'
  • Terry fabric  - find the words before and after 'shrink and deform'
  • Little Q-Dos - find the words before and after 'because it is a Quick-Dry One Size nappy'
  • Inserts - find the words before and after 'layer trifolds are regular stock'
  • Wool soakers  Find the words before and after 'up to 30% of its own'
  • Nippa Grippas Find the words before and after 'nippa grippa is not a nappy fastener. It'
  • BTP day/night combination Find the words before and after 'LittlePants trifold'
  • Multipacks and incentives Find the words before and after 'larger quantities'
  • Trials Find the words before and after 'a sample of most of our own products for you to'
  • SuperPee nappies Find the words before and after 'for super thirsty'

Please submit your entry by email to info@littlepants.co.uk, using 'Competition' as the subject. Please also include your name, address and phone number. You will receive and acknowledgement when your email is received. If you don't receive and acknowledgement, please check that the email address is correct and send it again.