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Little Q-DOS Nappy V2

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A BTP nappy which really is BTP


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Little Q-DOS Nappy V2

Little Q-DOS Nappy V2

A BTP nappy which really is BTP

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IMPORTANT. Before first use do a quick cool wash with detergent to remove manufacturing residues and prime your nappy. There is no need tor multiple washes before use. Allow absorbency to build up gradually, as his is better for both ecology and economy

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Please check out the reviews on this nappy.

NB You need nappy nippas or nappy pins to fasten this nappy. Additional Q-Dos boosters are also available. 

Made from 100% bamboo loop terry woven into a polyester frame - minimum 90% bamboo. The fabric used is Oeko-tex certified, and snag free.

Standard is 370gsm weight with 2 sided rainbow/blue trim
Superpee is 450gsm weight rainbow

The Little Q-DOS Nappy is a kind of hybrid flat/fitted nappy. I
t confronts all the problem areas which have been reported with other Modern Cloth Nappies. The Q-DOS dries as fast as a bamboo terry square, really does fold down to fit a tiny newborn baby, and really does last right through to potty training, even for a late training humungous chunky monkey. It is probably the most efficient nappy there is.

As it is part of a 2 part system, there are no laminate problems anyway

The reason it dries so quickly is that it opens out to a single thickness for washing and drying. 

The reasons it will fit from tiny is because it has 2 optional inserts, which are added as your child grows. The 'shell' of the nappy folds down back AND front so it will fit even the tiniest baby. As your baby grows, you decrease the folds, and add the inserts, so absorption increases, with the size of the nappy. Because you will have a nappy cover, the actual fit around the legs is unimportant.

There is no elastic anywhere in the nappy, so it will leave no marks on your baby's skin, and there is no elastic to fail. (A problem which frequently occurs  with elasticated nappies.)

There is no velcro which can both do damage to nappies and babies tummies.

There are no snaps to break or come off.

 Clue 2. Something to make these last longer

You will need a nappy cover - this is a 2 part nappy system, which is far more efficient than pocket or All In One nappies. I recommend the Nature Babies wraps, if you want a PolyUrethane Laminate (PUL) cover, or better still a wool nappy cover. I would always recommend a wool cover for night times.

This is a nippa/pin fastening nappy so you may need to order some nappy nippas or if you want the plastic free option, some nappy pins as well.

Full written instructions for fitting at all stages are included.

If you need nappy liners it's easy and economical to cut your own from fleece fabric



Folding the Little Q-Dos

Folding the Little Q-Dos

Download (20.5k)

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