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Nippa Grippa/fast absorber/nappy booster

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Please note: The Nippa Grippa is not a nappy fastener. It should be used in conjunction with a nappy fastener - it works with Nappi Nippas, Snappies, Boingos and any other nappy fastener which works in the same way. 

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Bamboo terry and some other flat nappies are renowned for not being good with Nappi Nippas and Snappies. LittlePants has developed a new solution to this problem - the Nippa Grippa. Nippa Grippas can additionally be folded and used as a fast absorber booster pad. This will also work over fitted velcro nappies, in conjunction with a Nappi Nippa or similar nappy fastener, where the velcro has lost its stick.

Watch these 2 videos to see what a difference they make

Nippa pinging off and The same nappy with a Nippa Grippa

These are extremely quick drying, so you don't need many.

They are 100% cotton so are also absorbent and absorb quickly, and can be pad folded and used as a small fast absorber inside the nappy, as well as a Nippa Grippa outside the nappy.

2 sizes - My recommendation is that regular will fit most babies up to around 10kg. For larger babies and toddlers you may need the Extra Large size. Extra large ones will still work on smaller babies but will add that little bit more bulk - much less than a muslin square but still adding a little bulk.

Currently these are available in random print or plain fabric - you may receive either. 

Using the Nippa Grippa

Place your prepared nappy centrally over the open Nippa Grippa. Apply the 2 as a unit. You can tuck in any overlap either before applying the nappy, tuck in is as you put the nappy on or afterwards. The nappy fastener will now grip tightly to the Nippa Grippa, holding the underlying nappy securely in place. The nappy fastener will grip reliably well, even through the night. This will work with velcro fastening nappies where the velcro has failed as well.

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