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About SuperPee fabric

  • The term SuperPee is actually a quality of bamboo, available in a range of nappies and inserts. SuperPee nappies, as such, do not exist.
  • SuperPee fabric is 100% bamboo loops woven into a polyester framework. Using a polyester framework for bamboo terry is vital, as bamboo does shrink, and when the loops are woven into a bamboo frame, any cloth made from it will not only shrink drastically but will also not hold its shape. 
  • SuperPee bamboo terry has a gsm (grams per square metre)  weight of 450gsm, which makes it the best for super thirsty nappies while still retaining its slimness. This is the most absorbent bamboo terry there is, and has similar absorbency and bulk to the most absorbent hemp fabric, which is hemp fleece. It air dries in domestic temperatures in around 12-18 hours.

Please do not order this item. It is for information only. To order a SuperPee quality nappy please go to the links here, and SuperPee in the quality box

SuperPee quality is available in The Little Q-dos nappies, LittlePants Preflat nappies, the Birth to potty combination packs Terry squares  and as inserts and boosters 

Please click on the links to get to the type of nappy you are looking for, and change the 'Quality' Setting to 'SuperPee' You will then find what you are looking for.

If you can't find an answer, please ask in the  space provided.


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