BTP Day/Night bamboo combination

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A combination which serves all  needs


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BTP Day/Night bamboo combination

BTP Day/Night bamboo combination

A combination which serves all  needs

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IMPORTANT. Before first use do a quick cool wash with detergent to remove manufacturing residues and prime your nappy. There is no need for multiple washes before use. Allow absorbency to build up gradually, as this is better for both ecology and economy

Video - Using the combination.

This combination includes  a 60cm LittlePants 100% bamboo loop terry square + a small LittlePants trifold insert. Also available as a 14 day free trial and in a pack of 6 

Labels means care labels

NB. If this product is out of stock you can mix and match your own equivalent by ordering 60cm bamboo terry squares  plus single layer trifold terry boosts in whatever size and quality you choose.  


Standard - includes a small standard trifold insert/terry boost and a 60cm standard terry square. When the terry boost is folded into the terry  square, this gives the equivalent absorbency of  a 60cm SuperPee square, which is what is recommended for nights. 370gsm quality

SuperPee - includes a large SuperPee trifold insert/terry boost and a 60cm SuperPee terry square. When the terry boost is folded into the square square, it gives the equivalent absorbency of  a 73cm SuperPee square, 450gsm quality

The combination gives you the versatility you really need. The trifold insert can be used on its own from the very beginning, when your baby is really tiny. Fold two trifold together once baby starts taking in more milk and needs a little more absorbency, but not the bulk of a 60cm square. 2 small standard trifold inserts give you only slightly less absorbency than a 50cm standard square.

If you need nappy liiners it's easy and economical to cut your own from fleece fabric



Terry Folds

Terry Folds

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