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Nature Babies essential wraps are far and away the best wraps to use with terry and flat nappies. They were designed for them. They are extremely high quality, made in UK and a very fair price. They are the only wraps I have come across which can be washed at high temperatures, and are therefore definitely the tops for nappy wraps.

Onesize wraps are absolutely fine from birth over terries and flat nappies which are held in place, although possibly will not be any good for prefolds for very young babies. If a flat nappy is put on and held in place it will do all the work, and a tight seal or dam is not necessary. This i n fact it better and more comfortable for your baby, as not only will it not leave marks, but it will also allow the nappy to breathe a little.

We are sticking to our rainbow theme and will only be stocking one print, for now at least. 

Nature Babies use a high performance PUL on their wraps.  This is coloured on the inside to reduce staining and can be washed at up to 90degrees.  The wraps will feel slightly thicker than some lightweight wraps, but the lower quality PUL may  de-laminate and become unreliable.  Nature Babies have decided that performance and durability are more important

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