Ready emulsified soluble Lanolin

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Ready emulsified solid lanolin

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This is a unique soluble lanolin. It will save you all the messy part of lanolizing your nappy covers. It has a guaranteed shelf life of 3 months, but will almost certainly last a great deal longer than that, and as long as it doesn't go mouldy it will be perfectly functional. 

1 dose is equal to

  • 1 sachet 
  • Estimated 1/15 squirt from a tube
  • 1ml syringe from a bottle


  • 1x15ml tube
  • 1x50ml bottle + syringe
  • Scented or unscentedTo lanolize your woolies, firstly weigh your wooly, or estimate its weight, to work out how many doses you need.  For every 50gm weight of wool, use 1 dose or 1ml.  (Use a double dose on new wool for the first 3 treatments)  

Put 1lt of hot water per dose, into a 5 litre Ice cream tub, or similar sized receptacle. Add the lanolin and swish the solution, to make sure the lanolin is evenly distributed.

WITHOUT AGITATING, add the woolies, push well down in the solution, so that they are thoroughly wet, and leave to soak overnight, or at least until the water is completely cool.

Take them out when cool, roll them in a towel - preferably a microfibre towel. Either leave it wrapped in the microfleece towel for 10 minutes or  and tread all over a cotton towel roll. Then pull the garment to shape, and place it flat on a warm surface. The top of a boiler is ideal.

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