Bamboo Inserts/terry boosts

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100% bamboo loop inserts. 


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IMPORTANT. Before first use do a quick cool wash with detergent to remove manufacturing residues and prime your nappy. The initial very cool wash will also help to minimise shrinkage (bamboo terry will shrink up to around 10%. There is no need tor multiple washes before use. Allow absorbency to build up gradually, as his is better for both ecology and economy

NB. Single layer trifolds are regular stock. Double layer inserts are made from offcuts and are hand cut, so there may be a slight discrepancy in the exact measurements . If double layers say 'out of stock' they are likely to be out of stock for a while. If Single layer trifolds say out of stock, please contact us  and I'll get more stocked immediately

Video - Using the trifold as a newborn nappy

These inserts are 100% bamboo loop terry.Made from 100% bamboo loop terry woven into a polyester frame - minimum 90% bamboo. The fabric used is Oeko-tex certified, and snag free. The trifold SuperPee are probably the thirstiest inserts there are. 

Double and triple layer inserts are ready to use. Trifold inserts just need folding in three to make the equivalent of a triple layer insert, but which opens out to dry quickly. 

None of these inserts contain any microfibre layers. Standard have a blue edging or rainbow. SuperPee are only available in rainbow edging. The rainbow trim on a standard quality is different from the rainbow trim on a SuperPee quality, so you will be able to tell the difference. 

NB Little Lamb inserts are 360gsm weight. All sizes are pre shrinkage and may vary minimally. 

  • Standard 370gsm 2 sided rainbow/blue trim
  • SuperPee 450gsm rainbow trim

Size options (approximate)

  • Small 30x11cm
  • Large 33x13cm
  • Trifolds when folded are the same as above, but unfolded are approximately

Small 30x33cm

Large 39x33cm

Layers options

  • Quick DryTrifold (single layer equivalent of triple layer)
  • Double layer

Labels (No labels will slightly reduce the resale value)

  • Yes
  • No

If you need nappy liners it's easy and economical to cut your own from fleece fabric

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