Terry Squares 100% Bamboo loop

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100% bamboo loop terry squares


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Terry Squares 100% Bamboo loop

Terry Squares 100% Bamboo loop

100% bamboo loop terry squares

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These are made to order bamboo terry squares. The loop is 100% bamboo, and the ground (frame) for the bamboo loop pile is polyester.

If you are planning on using these day AND night, a Standard 60cm square together with a small trifold insert has the same absorbency as a SuperPee 60cm square. So just add the insert at night and you'll have the equivalent of a SuperPee 60cm square.

Please select ALL your options before ordering.

Which size to choose (please note measurements are as new, and these will shrink a little when washed.)

50cm squares are best for the first 6 months, and can be used after that as inserts or boosters;

60cm squares are birth to potty, although a little bulky for the  3 months;

73cm squares are best for over 2's if you're starting at that stage.


  • Standard 370gsm, with Rainbow trim one side and Plain blue trim the other side
  • SuperPee 430gsm, with Rainbow trim both sides


  • Yes
  • No (No labels reduces the price but resale value may be less)

Larger sizes are available also, if you contact me.

These have an overocked edge to keep both bulk and costs down. 
Fasten with a nappy nippa or nappy pins

If you need nappy liiners it's easy and economical to cut your own from fleece fabric

These nappies require a nappy cover, and I recommend our Wool Nappy covers

NB. Single layer bamboo does have a tendency to curl at the edges when new, until it's fully shrunk. Try to stretch it at first to help with this.



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