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Limited Edition 6 pack - The Superlative - A truly BTP combo

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IMPORTANT. Before first use do a quick cool wash with detergent to remove manufacturing residues and prime your nappy. The initial very cool wash will also help to minimise shrinkage. Bamboo terry does shrink- a 60cm square will reduce to approximately 55cms, if washed first of all in a very cool or cold wash, but will shrink to about 50cms if washed hot the first time. There is no need for multiple washes before use. Allow absorbency to build up gradually, as this is better for both ecology and economy.

This combination is the Ultimate solution for a true birth to potty nappy system. 

There are 2 parts in this combo, a 60cm SuperPee bamboo square plus a Large SuperPee terry boost/trifold insert. Use the terry boost initially as a newborn size terry. Once outgrown for that option, it converts to a booster for night time flat nappies, or preflats, or simply pad folds in 3 to make the thirstiest pad insert/booster there is available anywhere, and still really slim fitting. As it opens out to dry it dries quickly.

You will need nappy covers for this system and I suggest either the Nature Babies Essentials wrap  or better still wool nappy covers 


Made in UK from EU sourced 100% bamboo loop terry woven into a polyester frame - minimum 90% bamboo. (The polyester frame is needed to make the fabric durable enough to last, and stop snags pulling from the fabric) The fabric used is Oeko-tex certified. Bamboo terry does shrink (as does cotton), so please expect up to 10% shrinkage.

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