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Nationwide Nappy incentive scheme available to all

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NB. Currently out of stock as I have no Nature Babies wraps in stock. This incentive will probably resume after the slowdown.

This pack is a Nationwide Flat Nappy incentive Superior Top up pack, at a greatly reduced price. Only 1 pack is available per customer, but it may be combined with the Basic Incentive pack. However free shipping is not available on  Incentive packs, unless they are ordered in combination with other products worth £25+. This is because these packs are already priced at a loss.  Only 1 pack is available per customer.  PLEASE SELECT PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER when ordering. 

If you buy this pack, which is worth more than double its components combined, and pay by direct transfer, you will additionally receive a discount code, which you can use on a further order of LittlePants own brand products.

The pack comprises:

  1. A SuperPee Double layer muslin flat nappy
  2. A 50cm Preflat bamboo nappy
  3. A Little Q-Dos nappy
  4. A Muslin Prefold
  5. A Nature Babies PUL wrap

I also offer a free online nappy consultation service, which is done through an email chat. Please click here to start a free consultation

If you are on Facebook, please join the Terries and Flat Nappies advice UK group 

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