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This kit gives you a sample of each of our own brand products for you to try out and see which work best for you, before ordering in larger quantities. You can try these items for up to 14 days, and either return the whole kit within 14 days for a full, refund minus shipping charges either way, or return parts of the kit for a partial, pro-rata refund.

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  1. Please select bank transfer method of payment when you make your order. This will mean that you can check out without paying, so I can check that all pre-trial conditions have been met before you pay. You can still use another method to pay later if you wish. If you DO NOT select bank transfer, your purchase will change to a full purchase rather than a trial. Payment WILL be required before the trial is sent but a refund will be made on return providing te conditions have been met. Shipping will be adjusted to shipping at cost, before you pay.
  2. This trial may not be combined with any other LittlePants trial.
  3. Please post a photo and comment on Instagram, with a mention of @LittlePants or a comment on my Blog reviews 
  4. Trial items must be returned within 14 days of receipt, and you must send a message at the time, saying that you are returning the trial. 
  5. The items must be returned in an undamaged state, and must be either unwashed in the case of wool (unless soiled), or washed according to the instructions sent with the trial items. If there is evidence of miss-use on returned trials you will not be refunded in full, and may not be refunded at all, if the item is not useable.
  6. Postage either way will not be refunded
  7. Please ask for a proof of posting from the post office if you return any trial items and KEEP IT SAFE.
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