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Muslin squares/padfolds/Fast absorber booster

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Fast absorber liner for bamboo nappies. 

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These squares make admirable muslin squares/flat nappies for those early days, or add a  Terry boost to make a really neat, trim daytime nappy, which will last well between changes

They are made from a very thin but fast absorbing 100% cotton fabric, almost like a seersucker muslin. They were originally designed for those super big wees, which sometimes bamboo and hemp can't cope with fast enough. Lay one on top of your nappy, just like you do with fleece liners, and they will absorb fast, but allow the bamboo behind to absorb more slowly. The great joy of these is that they can be used in combination with wool nappy covers, unlike microfibre boosters, and will not harm your baby's skin.

Approximately 70cm square.

Double weave GSM is 135gsm

These can also of course be pad folded for using as a fast absorber inside a square or fitted nappy.  However, I recommend a diagonal fold, which can be adjusted to cover the whole nappy area, and will not compromise the fit of your terry or fitted nappy (pads inside a nappy can push the  actual nappy away from your baby, making  the nappy less efficient) 

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