CONDITIONAL Guaranteed satisfaction trial BTP Day/Night combination labeled

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Sale or return for 14 days, even if used.

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CONDITIONAL Guaranteed satisfaction trial BTP Day/Night combination labeled

CONDITIONAL Guaranteed satisfaction trial BTP Day/Night combination labeled

Sale or return for 14 days, even if used.

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NB - Re Condition1 - Shipping for 1 trial item will be no more than  £2. The shipping estimate will come out way too high but will be adjusted down before you pay. 

IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ THE CONDITIONS IN FULL - if any of the conditions are not met then your purchase will be converted to a standard purchase and the trial offer will be rescinded

If the conditions are met, shipping will be adjusted to shipping at cost, before you pay.


  1. Please select bank wire as your payment method when you make your order. This will mean that you can check out without paying, so I can check that all pre-trial conditions have been met before you pay. You can still use another method of payment  later if you wish. If you don't select bank transfer then your order will change to a full purchase and not a trial.  Payment WILL be required before the trial is sent but a refund will be made on return providing the conditions have been met. Shipping will be adjusted to shipping at cost, before you pay.
  2. Only one trial of this item per customer will be  permitted. 
  3. Trial items must be returned within 14 days of receipt, and you must send a message at the time, saying that you are returning the trial. 
  4. Please post a photo and comment on Instagram, with a mention of @LittlePants or a comment on my Blog reviews 
  5. The items must be returned in an undamaged state, and must be washed according to the  instructions on the label. If there is evidence of miss-use on returned trials you will not be refunded in full, and may not be refunded at all, if the item is not useable.
  6. Postage either way will not be refunded, but if you are ordering other items on the same order, your outward postage will be covered, so you'll only pay the return costs. 
  7. Please ask for a proof of posting from the post office if you return a trial, and KEEP IT SAFE.

Video - Using the combination.

Here's an offer you can't refuse.

Buy this trial offer and if you don't like it you can return it EVEN AFTER USE, for up to 14 days. Postage either way will NOT be refunded but the  total value of the goods will be  refunded to you, on receipt of your return, in good order. 

This combination includes  a 60cm Standard Littlepants 100% bamboo loop terry square + a small, standard Littlepants trifold insert. Both will be labeled. These are also available as a multipack  to buy (but multipacks cannot be trialed)

60cm standard squares are recommended for birth to potty daytime use. The trifold insert, when folded into this gives the equivalent absorbency of  a 60cm SuperPee square, which is what is recommended for nights.

The combination gives you the versatility you really need. The terry boost insert can be used on its own from the very beginning, when your baby is really tiny. You can either pad fold it, or look at photos 6 &7, to see how to fold the terry Boost to use as a nappy on its own (which is better form containment).  Once the trifold on it's own is not big enough, start with the terry square.  For night, place the terry boost on top the square and fold as for a regular terry square, with the boost inside it. (see photos 4 and 5) This will give you the equivalent absorption of a 60cm SuperPee terry square. 



Terry Folds

Terry Folds

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