Pack of 8 x 73cm Standard Terry Squares Bamboo

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100% bamboo loop terry squares

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Pack of 8 x 73cm Standard Terry Squares Bamboo

Pack of 8 x 73cm Standard Terry Squares Bamboo

100% bamboo loop terry squares

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IMPORTANT. Before first use do a quick cool wash with detergent to remove manufacturing residues and prime your nappy. There is no need for multiple washes before use. Allow absorbency to build up gradually, as this is better for both ecology and economy


Made in UK from EU sourced 100% bamboo loop terry woven into a polyester frame - minimum 90% bamboo. (The polyester frame is needed to make the fabric durable enough to last, and stop snags pulling from the fabric) The fabric used is Oeko-tex certified, and snag free.

These are being phased out due to the increasing popularity of SuperPee squares.

Only available while stocks last

Fasten with a nappy nippa or nappy pins

If you need nappy liners it's easy and economical to cut your own from fleece fabric

These nappies require a nappy cover, and I recommend our Wool Nappy covers

NB. Single layer bamboo does have a tendency to curl at the edges when new, until it's fully shrunk. Try to stretch it at first to help with this. All sizes are pre shrinkage and may vary minimally. 



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