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DIY UNTRIMMED 60cm terry squares

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DIY UNTRIMMED 60cm terry squares

DIY UNTRIMMED 60cm terry squares

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Made from 100% bamboo loop terry woven into a polyester frame - minimum 90% bamboo. (The polyester frame is needed to make the fabric durable enough to last, and stop snags pulling from the fabric) The fabric is Oeko-tex certified, and snag free.. All sizes are pre shrinkage and may vary minimally. 

Standard is 370gsm

SuperPee is 450gsm

These squares are cut to size (60x60cm) ready to overlock or hem. You can choose whether you add a label or not. Adding a label will  verify that this is LPN fabric, but labels will be snipped, to show that they are home trimmed. If you require a different size this can be done, but for most regular sizes other than 60cm, it will be more economical to buy the fabric and cut it yourself.  

Trim them in whatever colour you'd like - the choice is yours. 

If you need nappy liners it's easy and economical to cut your own from fleece fabric