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Sadly we have started the year under water. Happily hardly any of the stock was damaged, as it was all moved upstairs in time. We are now in temporary accommodation for a while, and very short of dry storage space, until the downstairs of our property dries out. Consequently I need to have a stock Clearance sale, in order to free up storage for things we need to move upstairs from downstairs, as we salvage what we can. I still have not had time to do a full  stock check, but some items already show a reduced price. If you looking for something specific, and it does not show a reduced price, please message me for a stock check, and I'll let you know if a discounted price if applicable.

UK and European Customers

Payment by 'Bank Wire' means Direct Transfer

Republic of Ireland customers
To cut postage costs, please use your PMIC code and NI delivery address, unless your order is very lightweight (in whch case airmail may be cheaper). If you get asked for a Post Code, and don't have one, please use 000000.

Our aim is to provide

  • Unique custom made wool and/or alpaca covers, and simple lanolising solutions
  • The very best terry squares on the market at the lowest possible price
  • More unusual, but well tested Modern Cloth Nappies
  • Baby swimming items
  • A returns policy and customer service second to none
  • A small Nappy Library and free nappy advisory service