100ml dual purpose spray or soak lanolin


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Dual purpose spray or soak instant lanolin.

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This is a spray on, or soak in lanolin, which is very simple to use. If used as a spray lanolin, it dries really quickly - far quicker than doing a full soak treatment. Spraying is not quite as efficient on a new soaker as a good soaking, but for topping up or re-treating is a simple effective option.

It comes in a spray bottle, but the spray top and tube can be removed, to use as a pour bottle, if you want to do a more traditional full blown soak.

To spray, simply give a few squirts front and back, INSIDE your nappy cover only. Run your hand gently over the wool after spraying, to make sure the lanolin is spread all over the wool, and then leave flat to soak in and dry out. Use approximately 10 squirts per 100gm wool ( an average soaker weighs about 100gm)

For a full blown soak treatment, add 5ml of solution (5ml measure provided) to approx 1lt warm water per 50gm wool,  (Use a double dose on new wool for the first 3 treatments) and leave to soak, preferably overnight (you will need more for longies, as they probably weigh over 100gm)

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