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Try out a wool soaker, and return it for a refund, if you don't get on with it. You just pay £1.50 p&p.

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Wool soakers and nappy covers are really amazing, but most people understandable are sceptical. So here's an offer you can't refuse!

NB. There may be a small delay if the size you need is not in stock, and I have to knit one specially.

Firstly read all about how wool works 

Then CONTACT me about doing a wool soaker trial. If you don't get on with the soaker after you have tried it, you can return it for a refund. There are some conditions, however.


The soaker you are sent may not be brand new, but will be only very lightly used, if it is not brand new. It will not necesarily be the same as the soaker shown in this photo.

You pay a deposit, which will be the value of the soaker I am sending - this will depend on the size and whether it is new or not, as much as anything. An invoice will be sent separately for this deposit.

The first 14 days of your trial are free, but after that there is a usage charge of 10p per day for as long as you have it, which will be calculated and deducted from your refund. 

There will be a £1.50 postal charge (to UK addresses), which is not refundable. Return postage is not refundable either. However, as the majority of people who do a trial do nt want to send it back anyay, the return pstage rarely comes into it. You are free to keep the trial soaker if you wish, in which case there is, of course, no usage charge!

If I don't have the right size in stock, there may be a delay, as I will have to knit one for you.

To go ahead with the trial, please register and log in to the shop, order your trial and then contact me, to confirm your baby's age and build. (Leave a message with your order giving this info) I will then send you an invoice for the deposit and postage from my nappy library - The Nappyline.  Please check your junk mailbox, as sometimes these emails get classed as SPAM

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