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This is a concentrated form of my soluble Lanolin. Dilution rate is 1ml per 1lt of warm water per 50gm wool. (Use a double dose on new wool for the first 3 treatments) A 1ml reusable measuring syringe is included with your bottle, to help you  work out how much 1ml is. Once you have done a few, you will be able to estimate the amount you need, with just a squirt direct from the bottle.

As a rough guide, depending on size, most soakers weigh 50-100gm,   shorties 100-200gm, longies and skirties 150-250gm.

The bottle size is 100ml. The bottle is refillable. 

This is a very thick concentrate - almost like thick cream. I suggest you scrape the outside of the syringe after measuring your dose, and then rinsing the syringe in the diluted solution, so you don't waste a drop!

This is a unique soluble lanolin and is ready to use, and save you all the messy part of lanolizing your nappy covers. 

To lanolize your woolies, firstly weigh your wooly, or estimate its weight, to work out how much solution you need to make. Shake the bottle vigourously. For every 50 gms weight of wool, use 1 ml (measure provided) of milk to 1lt of warm water.  Put the correct amount of warm water in a 5 litre Ice cream tub, or similar sized receptacle. Add the appropriate amount of lanolin milk, using the cmeasuring syringe provided, and swish the solution, to make sure the milk is evenly distributed. Add the woolies, push well down in the solution, so that they are thoroughly wet, and leave to soak overnight. Take them out the next morning, roll them in a towel, and tread all over it. Then pull the garment to shape, and place it flat on a warm surface. The top of a boiler if ideal.

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