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Our budget starter pack is designed to start you off full time in cloth at the lowest possible price. However, if you want to move into easier to use shaped nappies later on, you can still use your nappies as inserts or boosters, so they will not be wasted.

The onesize wraps will fit over any shaped nappies reliably and well, without leaks,  throughout your babies nappy life, so again will not be wasted if you decide to upgrade your system later.

Fleece liners will fit any unlined napy at all, and are reusable.

The pack comprises (may be altered on request)

18 x 50cm bamboo terry squares OR 14 x 60cm bamboo terry squares  OR 9 x Little Q-Dos nappies.

4 x Nature Babies onesize wraps (white or possibly coloured if white is out of stock)  OR 2 wool soakers NB size budget aran(size and yarn may be altered for a surcharge) + 15ml tube of Instant soluble lanolin

10 fleece liners (lucky dip)

Pack of 3 nappy nippas OR a pair of Boingos

1 pack of 10 standard washable wipes.(Lucky dip)
If you need a larger size soaker than Newborn, please leave a message with your order, or contact me first. 

TIPFor a free nappy bucket, use a washed out 7-10Kg Chicken manure pellets tub - most gardeners will have one of these knocking about ;) Otherwise a beer brewing barrel makes an excellent and cheap nappy bucket - far superior to any designed on.

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