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These are my own, made to order bamboo terry squares. The loop is 100% bamboo terry, and the ground (frame) for the bamboo loop pile is polyester.

Standard 370gsm (Blue trim)
Superpee 430gsm (Rainbow or white trim - rainbow mix may vary) 

Smaller or larger sizes are available also, if you contact me.

They have an overocked edge to keep both bulk and costs down. 

As these are made to order, they may take a little longer than other items in stock.

Fasten with a nappy nippa

Here's a video showing the 3 most popular folds for a 60cm square

Here's a video showing how to fold a 50cm square for a newborn.

40cm squares make really great quick dry inserts as well.

These nappies require a nappy cover, and I recommend our Wool Nappy covers

 NB. Single layer bamboo does have a tendency to curl at the edges when new, until it's fully shrunk. Try to stretch it at first to help with this.


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