Your terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Once you make an order it is binding, and a re-stocking charge may apply, if you wish to cancel the order

Rule 2

If you select a method of payment other than PayPal, your order is still binding. Faillure to pay does not cancel the order.

Rule 3

Normally post payment orders will not be shipped until payment has been received, but occasionally they may be. This does not relinquish you of the necessity to pay. 

Rule 4

If your order is shipped before you have paid, and you change your mind, you will be liable for all shipping costs, in both directions.

Rule 5

If you select shipping which does not reflect the full value of your order, should the parcel be damaged in transit or lost, you will only be refunded up to the  value of the shipping  method you selected. I advise that you always choose the shipping method which covers the value of your order.