This page will help you to understand the different advantages of each yarns. All the yarns I use and supply are 100% alpaca and/or wool, and all are hand wash only, so will accept lanolin.

Wool weights

Aran. Quick knitting but bulkier than Double Knitting (DK) weight

DK - Double Knitting. Gives a slimmer fitting, neater final garment, but involves more work.

Yarn Quality - Wool / Alpaca/ Merino

100% WOOL is the fastest drying yarn, but is not as soft as alpaca. Wool can be scratchy - the shorter the fibre the itchier the wool. However I only stock and use medium to long fibred yarns, so none is really scratchy. Having said that MERINO wool is virtually as soft as alpaca, but more expensive than standard wools.

ALPACA is hypo-allergenic, so good if your baby has an allergy to wool, but it too is expensive.

MIXED FIBRE yarns give the benefits of both - soft yarn at a better price. There are different blends in different weights. The more merino or alpaca in the fibres the softer the final yarn.

Yarn by Yarn


Freedom Spirit 100% wool Double knitting weight.  Beautifully soft long fibre variegated wool. 50gm balls

Drops Lima Mixed fibre 65% wool 35% alpaca Double knitting weight. Knits up into a soft and serviceable nappy cover at an economical price. 50gm balls

Cascade 220 sport 100% wool double knitting weight. Medium length fibres. 

Nebula A beautifully soft mixed fibre double knitting weight yarn. 33.5% Alpaca50% Merino Wool16.5% Donegal worsted giving random flecks of colour throughout) 

Humming Bird 100% alpaca in variegated colours, knitting up into some wonderful effects. Double knitting and superbly soft. Hypo allergenic.

More yarns will be added soon, including some aran weight yarns