If you have never tried a wool nappy cover out, you are likely to be sceptical, as they are really unbelievable. To help you overcome your understandable scepticism, you can try out a wool soaker before committing to buying it. I have also published a more detailed BLOG site about the Magic of Wool, which explains everything about wool nappy covers.

The soaker trial works like this.  Register in the shop, order the soaker trial, add a message  with your order, giving the age and build of your baby, and then send an email to info@littlepants.co.uk, confirming that you would like to do a soaker trial, and  your baby’s age, build (chunky, skinny, long, average etc). Then I’ll knit a soaker the right size (if I don’t already have one in stock) I’ll send you an invoice, which will be for the value of the soaker I’m sending, and the postage. It may be new, or it may have been out on trial once already - it depends what is in stock. The price will reflect whether it's brand new or used. This invoice will come from my nappy library - The Nappyline. Once that’s paid, I’ll send the soaker off, ready lanolized for you. You can try it out, and either keep it (as you’ve already paid for it in full) or send it back for a refund. The Free trial lasts for 14 days. After that, if you return it I do make a small charge of 10p per day, from the day after I posted it out (1st class) until the day I get it back, but that’s just to cover wear and tear, and the work involved. If the soaker arrives back after you’ve tried it, I will refund you what you paid, minus any applicable daily charge (only applicabel if you don't return it within 14 days) and the postage. If you want to keep it you can, and there's no need to do anything further.