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EuroZone customers ALERT

There was a hitch with the PayPal module earlier today. If you are in the Eurozone, and experience a problem, please for the moment, select the 'Bank Wire' option for payment, and either pay by direct transfer or request a PayPal invoice, which I will the send manually.

Republic of Ireland customers

To cut postage costs, if you have a Parcel Motel or AN AddressPal account, using them for delivery will reduce your postage costs, unless your order is very lightweight (in which case airmail may be cheaper).
If you get asked for a post code, and don't have one, please use 000000. If there's no box to put a code in, change the country back to UK, put the post code in, and then return the country to your own.


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aim is to provide

  • Unique custom made wool and/or alpaca covers, and simple lanolising solutions
  • Yarns suitable for making your own wool nappy covers
  • The very best terry squares on the market at the lowest possible price
  • More unusual, but well tested Modern Cloth Nappies
  • Baby swimming items
  • A returns policy and customer service second to none
  • A small Nappy Library and free nappy advisory service

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